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Take a peek inside
Getting into Your Pants


Dr. Leslie

if you are ready
to giggle while you wiggle
into those pants, and this time,
stay in them, don't miss this transformational experience. And remember,

the only slip-up is
to give up."


Expert direction, inspiration, and hope for permanent weight loss, health, and fitness to look, feel, and be your best YOU.

E-mail Dr. Leslie for a tailor-made food plan and personal coaching for permanent weight loss, and to reach your ideal level of health and fitness at

Author, Dr. Leslie Van Romer Interviewed on
WCBS News Radio New York
April 13, 2010
Listen to Dr. Leslie's interview with Pat Farnack!


A Unique Mix of
Inspiration & Information for
Permanent Weight Loss and Health Gain


Whether you are frustrated with yo-yo diets that don't work for permanent weight loss, scared of getting breast cancer or diabetes, investigating women's health issues, or confused about which food and health plan meets your specific weight loss, fitness and health goals, Dr. Leslie and her team expertly offer achievable, commonsense solutions.

We motivate and guide you to shed old ideas, deeply engrained food myths and lifelong conditioned habits that sabotage you, weight loss, and how you look and feel.

We also teach you which foods (low in calories, high in nutrients) keep you satisfied and fullyour guarantee to lose unwanted fat forever and gain health and fitness.

Dr. Leslie's weight-loss and health secrets will shock, awe, and delight you:

  • Eat more, not less to lose weight and gain health. (No kidding!)

  • You don't "have to" give anything up for weight loss. (No, not a thing!)

  • Cheating (or "wiggling" as Dr. Leslie says in her book) is your secret weapon to losing weightpermanently.

  • Filling up, NOT portion control, is key to weight loss.

  • Your hunger drive MUST be fed, NOT ignored and starved, to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

  • Carbs make you thin, not fat. (Fruits and vegetables, your weight loss warriors and health heroes,
    are carbs.)

  • Olive oil is a bad fat. (It's true, find out why.)

  • Fat (not sugar!) is the biggest bad guy in diabetes.

  • Energy comes from carbohydrates, not protein.

  • The World Health Organization recommends only 4.5% protein (not much); an orange has 8% protein, romaine lettuce 36%, brown rice 8%, broccoli 33% protein.

  • Americans drink their milk, yet get the most osteoporosis. (What’s the deal with that?)

Above all else, you deserve to feel good about you. What's your dream for your body, weight, ideal level
of energy, health and fitness?

Well, that body you want is waiting.  It's up to you to make the commitment and take that first step. Then allow, Dr. Leslie and her team to show you the way.

Weight loss, health and fitness can be yourswithout depriving, measuring, counting, starving, sneaking, or guilting ever again.  Been there, done that too many times, and don't want to go there againever.

Hope and help are yoursand we just may be your "Dream Team" that can help you become the hero of
your own "body-dream-come-true."

START RIGHT HERE!  Order Dr. Leslie's new weight-loss book, Getting into Your Pants, along with its practical companion workbook, Getting into Your Pants PlayBook. They are fun, spunky, empowering, and written in easy-to-read conversational language. Just how badly do
you want to get into those pants? That's what I thought!
Order your copies today.

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